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RAKWEST (Rakkasah West) Performance Video HD + DVD

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HD + DVD (single camera) of your Rakkasah West Performance

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  • Ballroom Stage
  • Cabaret Stage

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HD + DVD (single camera) of your Rakkasah West Performance


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    Your video will be ready for pick-up 15 minutes after you perform.

Do I REALLY get BOTH HD & DVD?  Why?

  1. Shukriya felt it was important that her West Coast dancers were delivered the DVD format.
  2. Last year, over 50% of the performers told us they preferred an HD Deliverable -- higher quality and easier to upload, and watch on their computers.

To honor Shukriya AND the 50%+ dancers who have told us they want an HD version, ALL Rakkasah West performers will receive two videos -- both an HD video AND a DVD. (same as last year)


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