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Learn about INSIDE OUT

WHY Inside Out: Acting for Dancers?

As soon as you see her perform, you know she has honed the skills to tell stories -- Inside Stories, and those from the music. Aaliyah Jenny will teach you ways to better connect with your audience, and tell your story.

Whether you're a Dancer, Singer, Musician, Public Speaker, Actor, Teacher -- you will benefit from INSIDE OUT. You'll learn new skills to help you tell your story, and discover why some things you've done have worked better than others, but you didn't know why!

Where you stand -- how you stand -- what parts of your body you use -- They all convey different messages.

Learn about Great Palms of Fire

Every want to learn how to flow or dance with fire? Taka Carnes will teach you everything to get started. And if you're already a seasoned flow artist, you'll learn new original choreographies with techniques you can incorporate into your routine.
  • ALL-LEVELS training -- beginner, intermediate and advanced
  • Warm-up and Cool-down
  • Combinations
  • Rehearsal-Mode
  • Fire Safety
  • Choosing Your Props
  • Performance Dance Video
  • MORE!

Great Palms of Fire w/Taka Carnes – Trailer

Learn about Demystifying Drum Combos

Kata Maya's video "Demystifying Drum Combos" has so much awesomeness!
  • A Built-in Self-Assessment tool
  • Step-by-Step instruction for Beginners, Intermediate and Advance-level dancers
  • A PRACTICE-MODE where you can loop through the drills until you're ready to move on
  • Real-world insights on working with live musicians
  • So much more!
Watch Kata Maya's Drum Solos bellydance video to the right to see how a drum solo can apply to diverse performance scenarios.
WATCH the Trailer and learn more about Kata Maya's "Demystifying Drum Combos":